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Kodi is a powerful and an open-source media streaming player which has a lot of users across the world. Nowadays its popularity becomes very high. Kodi app will work on the majority of devices like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux etc. In addition, Kodi supports more than 70 languages and has a huge library of free Kodi addons.

The Keyboard shortcuts are used to access our kodi device easily without using the pointing devices. There are so many keyboard shortcuts are available for Kodi.

Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts

Now let us see the list of most useful Kodi keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Toggle between Full-screen and Windowed Mode

Shortcut Key: \

When we open Kodi at the First time, It will open in a full-screen mode by default. By using the shortcut “\”, we can easily toggle the full-screen mode into Windowed mode.

  1. Audio Delay Control

Shortcut Key: A

Sometimes, an audio and video of a particular content don’t sync properly. During that time, The Shortcut “A” will help you to adjust the audio delay and finally the both audio and video can be sync well.

  1. Fast Forward

Shortcut Key: F

By using the Shortcut “F“, you can easily skip a particular part of a video or movie. If you press the shortcut “F” once, then the video will be forwarded fastly at 2x pace. If you press it twice, the video will be forwarded at 4x pace.

  1. Play

Shortcut Key: P

The shortcut “P” can be used to start the video to play.

  1. Stop

Shortcut Key: X

If you want to stop a video, then press the shortcut key “X“.

  1. Rewind

Shortcut Key: R

It is quite opposite to the forward option. While playing the video, if you want to see your favorite part which will be played then you can press the shortcut key “R” to rewind back. If you press it once, the video will rewind at 2x pace; If you press it twice, then the video will rewind at 4x pace.

  1. Toggle Subtitles On/Off

Shortcut Key: T

If you want to turn the subtitles on/off in a particular movie or video, then you can press “T“. Before trying this shortcut, make sure that the Subtitles settings must be properly configured.

  1. Previous Menu or Home Screen

Shortcut Key: Esc

Just press the “Esc” key to go back to the previous menu or go back to the Kodi homepage.

  1. Take a Screenshot

Shortcut Key: Ctrl + S or PrntScr

If you want to take a screenshot of your favorite part of the videos on Kodi then you can press the “Ctrl+ S“. After pressing it, a dialog box will be opened and ask you for the preferred saving location on your computer.

  1. Volume Down, Up or Mute

Shortcut Key: -(minus), +(Plus)

If you want to reduce your volume, then press the key ““. If you want to increase your volume then press the key “+“.


We hope you these keyboard shortcuts will surely help you to use your Kodi device in a better and easy way. If you have any queries regarding these shortcuts, Kindly do let us know via comments.

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