Top Android Apps in India doesn’t feature Gaming Apps

May 5, 2011 | By Joe | Filed in: tech. is a third party Android application store which has a collection of wide range of android applications. App Brain provides the downloading stats, user reviews in a better way than that of Google’s Android Market.. It has detail listing of popular apps specific to the location.

We were interested in Stats of downloaded Android apps in India.
We had following questions in our mind

What application is most popular?

What kind of Applications interests Indians? (Utility, Informational, Entertainment, Gaming etc?)

How many of the popular applications are free?

OR is it popular only because it is free?

User experience and reviews

We got some answers for some of the questions after looking at App Brain.

app stats Top Android Apps in India doesnt feature Gaming Apps

The Most Popular Application is Indian Rail PNR status enquiry which is available for free..

As went through the Popular Apps listed for India most of them were Informational/Utility apps like Railway PNR Status, Taxi and Rickshaw Card, Zomato, TaazzaGO .. All these apps are mostly a kind of “Listing” apps for Local business search.. There were no Gaming Applications featured in Top List! If you compare stats with US market, Gaming apps are highly popular in US with Angry Birds RIO topping the list.

Almost all Popular Applications are free. We don’t have enough data whether they offer inApp purchases. It seems like they are popular just because they are Free.. (Of course, who doesn’t like free things?)

The number of Users who have voted for Apps are less . we couldn’t find any indepth review for any app. We heard lot of comments like “Thanks for this App, It was pretty useful” (and free too)…

Just a lazy attempt to get in touch with the stats of Andorid apps in India.. Please provide more Inputs by commenting here.. We also would like to hear from you, what parameters has to be considered for evaluating an App..

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