5 Best RSS Reader for Windows Phone 7

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RSS readers are very helpful to keep in track of your favorite website. You don’t have to visit the website each time to read the information, just subscribe to the website RSS feed and you can read the information via RSS reader such Google web based RSS reader and other third party RSS readers

windows phone 5 Best RSS Reader for Windows Phone 7

If you’re using iPhone or iPod touch or iPad, then here are the best 5 RSS readers for iPhone device. If you’re using Android, You can try Pulse android app or the official Google rss reader from the android market. now, if you’re having a Windows Phone 7 device, then below are the list of best RSS readers for Windows phone 7 devices.

RSS Central :

RSS Central is a rss reader app for windows phone 7 which features many customizable options and also you can import or export any .obml file format using dropbox. The refresh at launch option automatically updates all your subscriptions when you start the RSS central on your device. Download RSS Central app

NextGen Reader :

NextGen reader app for Windows phone 7 is the fastest google reader client for windows phone 7. The metro UI, works offline mode and completely secure are some of its highlight. It has support for tweeting, sharing the articles via email or use Instapaper and read it later. Download NextGen Reader

Dark RSS Reader :

If you’ve used Pulse app for android, then you can find some similarities in Dark RSS reader for Windows phone 7. Similar to pulse, the dark rss reader app has thumbnail view of feeds with hyper linking to the post. It also has 3 different styles of displaying the feeds, You can import your subscriptions directly from a Google Reader account and OPML files. A wide range of non-standard RSS Feeds are supported. Download Dark RSS Reader for WP7

Feed me RSS :

Feed me Rss reader app for Windows Phone 7 is so cool. It displays the feed items in a tile view. It supports offline browsing, View or listen to podcasts. You can also add articles to Instapaper or Read it Later, You can allow feed me to run under the lock screen. Download Feed me rss reader app for WP7

Zen News Reader :

Yet another news feed reader app for Windows phone 7. With similar functionalities of rss reader app discussed above. Nothing so special to detail about Zen News reader app for WP7. You can download it from here.


RSS TO GO for Windows phone 7 is a google reader client for Windows phone 7 with sharing, offline reading features. You can star/unstar, share/unshare, mark read/unread any article. It uses in-built browser for full articles. Download RSSTOGo for Windows Phone 7 device

If you’re using any other RSS reader app on your Windows phone 7, then mind sharing it on the comment section ?

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